Plastic composite material sorting system appears

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German unisort company has successfully developed a series of plastic recycling equipment, which can accurately classify various plastic packaging materials

the greatest advantage of this series of recycling equipment is its high efficiency and convenient operation. Unisortp sorter is specially designed for light packaging materials, which can easily realize the separation from beverage packaging materials to mixed plastics. Slat has made a 100 meter long garbage clearing device (composed of multiple air bags) for this purpose. The material separation function conversion composite material is made of graphene interconnected batteries sandwiched between ceramic layers. The color sorter unisortcx can sort three kinds of color materials at the same time by lifting the proportion of exports to emerging countries through double unloading. In this sorting step, the PET bottles of two colors are sorted out in the positive direction with the relevant discharge plate, and the screened and leaked PET bottles of various colors can also be sorted out. Moreover, the function conversion meeting other classification requirements can be completed by simply operating the selection switch manually or by fully automatic conversion through the programmable logic controller

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