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Tianjin Olympic sports water center scheme delineation (Figure) mix the samples

Tianjin Olympic sports water center scheme delineation (Figure)

September 3, 2004

effect picture of "water sparkling cloud"

the water center, an important part of Tianjin Olympic Center, was unveiled, The "water crystal cloud" jointly designed by China Construction (Shenzhen) Design Consulting Co., Ltd., the design unit of the "Water Cube" of the National Swimming Center for the Beijing Olympic Games, and Arup Engineering Consultants Hong Kong Co., Ltd., stood out from 17 bidders at home and abroad and won the bid at one stroke. Covering an area of 7 hectares, the water center looks like a water drop moving against the wind, and is organically integrated with the completed Tianjin stadium and the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium under construction. The two design units said that the "water crystal cloud" will make up for their shortcomings and regrets in the design of the "Water Cube" and become the best water center in Jinmen

the appearance is like water dripping roof scales

water is the wealth of Tianjin and the theme of Tianjin Olympic Center. "Water sparkling cloud" appropriately explains this concept with the softness and wisdom of water. It not only looks like "water droplets", but also the "scale" shaped roof is novel and unique, with beautiful and smooth lines. It falls directly on the water like mercury, and is integrated with the Olympic Sports Center in the sunlight. The three functional areas of the competition pool hall, warm-up pool hall and water playing pool hall are contained in the water droplets in the form of "bubbles", and the size and shape of each bubble vary according to their respective functions. "Shuishuiyun" fills the gap in the lack of large and multi-functional water venues in Jinmen, and changes the current situation that swimming places can only be opened in summer due to climate restrictions

integration of sports, leisure and entertainment

located in the "water crystal cloud" on the northwest side of the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium under construction, with a construction area of about 50000 square meters and 4000 seats, it is divided into four parts: competition, water fitness, water park and business, of which the competition part is divided into about 20000 square meters, including the swimming pool with DN as the unit, diving pool, warm-up pool and grandstand, which can host swimming, diving International level competitions in synchronized swimming and water polo. The Aquatic Fitness Club is the first high-end fitness club in Jinmen to introduce fitness equipment into the water. It will roughly produce the advanced fitness concept of the composition structure of the hydraulic energy digging material experimental machine according to the national figure 1, and provide customers with internationally popular and efficient aquatic fitness projects. The main so-called virtual instruments are based on computers, including multi-functional swimming pools, Aquatic Fitness areas, spa areas, human health evaluation areas, leisure and entertainment areas, Health care and beauty area, etc. The water park, with a construction area of about 20000 square meters, is open all year round and can provide thousands of people with water and entertainment at the same time

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