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Microsoft's acquisition of yammer enterprise socialization is an inevitable trend

ctiforum news on June 26 (Ouyang): in recent days, Microsoft's $1.2 billion acquisition of yammer, a social networking company, has aroused heated discussion in the industry. Some analysts said that this is a cost-effective deal. Yammer can help Microsoft expand the social enterprise tool market and add social application tools to its office suite, so as to compete with salesforce. Some experts believe that there is no winner in this acquisition, and Microsoft's corporate culture will kill yammer's future. Whether the acquisition is worth it or not, this event means the arrival of the era of corporate social networking

in fact, it has been some time since the social networking of enterprises started. As early as before Microsoft, salesforce, Oracle and other international software giants began their social transformation, 800 customers, the first custodian in China to provide large-scale enterprise CRM, had made a successful exploration in the field of enterprise software socialization. If we say that Microsoft's acquisition of yammer is to catch up with corporate socialization by helicopter, while 800 customers set out early in a small boat and successfully completed the transformation of corporate socialization through their own exploration

ctiforum June 26 news (Ouyang): ctiforum June 26 news (Ouyang): ctiforum June 26 news (Ouyang): ctiforum June 26 news (Ouyang): ctiforum June 26 news (Ouyang): ctiforum June 26 news (Ouyang): ctiforum June 26 news (Ouyang): ctiforum June 26 news (Ouyang): ctiforum June 26 news (Ouyang): ctiforum June 26 news (Ouyang): ctiforum June 26 news C. double report: fully open user report (Ouyang): ctiforum News on June 26 (Ouyang): since 2008, 800 customers have begun to pay attention to the field of social networking and are committed to introducing the concept of social networking into enterprise management. Its social networking products social enterprises have entered the testing and trial stage as early as 2009. 201 strive to build a quality-benefit enterprise. 2 social enterprises are comprehensively upgraded. With regard to Microsoft's acquisition of yammer, Li Miao, vice president of 800 customers, said that social networking has changed life and jobs, which will also lead to fundamental changes in the form of enterprise level management software. Software giants such as Microsoft, for example, have to take action in this regard. The acquisition may be forced by the situation

it is understood that at present, as an important part of enterprise software, customer relationship management software has made a phased breakthrough in socialization. Gartner, an American market research company, predicts that the social CRM market will reach a revenue of $10 by the end of 2012, which was only 625million in 2010. It can be seen that social networking has become a trend to cause changes in the software industry. Among them, the most typical is 800 customers, which also allows enterprises to be 100% confident. The social enterprise, a customer relationship management software with social function launched in China, makes the social function perfectly integrate with customer relationship management, market management, sales management and other modules, helps enterprises eliminate the failure of the displacement sensor of the electronic universal experimental machine, realize process management and constant communication, and brings disruptive information reform

Li Miao introduced that the social enterprise launched by 800 customers is equivalent to yammer in China, but its working function is far better than yammer. On the one hand, the social enterprise itself is a work-based corporate social network, which can be used alone, and is more conducive to the communication and cooperation between teams, superiors and subordinates and different departments than yammer. On the other hand, the greater role of social enterprises is to integrate with the modules in the 800 customer CRM management platform, so that enterprises can truly implement customer management and data analysis. Now, Huatu education, Baite English, zhongyi'an and other customers have begun to carry out social enterprise management through 800 customers' products, so as to maximize the value of social networking in the enterprise

by looking at the development of customer relationship management software and looking back at the Microsoft acquisition of yammer, regardless of the significance, it shows an important trend that the future enterprise is a social enterprise

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