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Midea hot water heater recommendation: midea/Midea jsq25

first use experience: it was delivered early in the morning, which is really awesome! Thank you, delivery brother! You've had a long day. Baby, I got it. It's magnificent and beautiful! It's heavy. It seems that the material is good! Worthy of being a big brand! Install it after decoration, and test the effect of heating water! Then I'll share my experience with you

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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Midea/Midea jsq25-h5 gas water heater product parameters:

Product Name: midea/so Midea jsq25-h5

brand: midea/but the profit is higher Midea

water heater Midea model: jsq25-h5

water heater gas type: natural gas

set multiple experimental parameters smoke exhaust method: strong row

energy efficiency is often 1 When the inspector takes samples, the grade is reserved: Grade II

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