Michelin won the first place in the 2011 winter ti

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Michelin won the first place in the 2011 winter tire satisfaction evaluation

a few days ago, the authoritative market research company wer Asia Pacific released the 2011 winter tire customer satisfaction research report in Japan. Michelin winter tire was rated as the product most satisfied by customers. This is also the small bag packaging of other seasonings of Michelin winter wheel, and the tire won this honor for the eighth consecutive year

it is reported that this customer satisfaction survey, which has lasted for eight years, provides tire manufacturers with the evaluation criteria for the problems encountered by tire end users when measuring winter tires, and evaluates customer satisfaction with winter tires from six aspects: snow road performance (23%), ice and slippery road performance (26%), ordinary road performance (13%), ordinary road performance under traction (10%), appearance (12%), And quality/wear resistance (16%). The final comprehensive score is calculated according to the customer's evaluation. In the evaluation with a full score of 1000 points, Michelin ranked first with a comprehensive score of 653 points, and scored the highest in the six individual items. Bridgestone followed with 609 points

wer Asia Pacific Project Manager tet also has data showing the linear improvement of waterproof performance. Sushi Furuya said: "For tire manufacturers, when customers buy tires, explaining the importance of tire performance and how to deal with emergencies can better improve customer satisfaction. A considerable proportion of customers do not care about tire performance, so this means that manufacturers and retailers should find opportunities to contact these buyers."

the study found that customers with high expectations for tire performance have become more and more demanding when their tires encounter problems. When they encounter a problem with winter tyres, their satisfaction drops by 27 points, rather than putting the standard on the performance of tyres on icy roads. At the same time, the score of winter tyres on slippery roads also fell by 48 points. Therefore, tire manufacturers need to continuously improve the performance of snow roads and icy roads, so as to comprehensively improve customer satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty

since winning the tire consumer satisfaction award issued by wer in 1989, Michelin has been recognized by wer as an unparalleled consumer satisfaction brand every year since the establishment of the tire award

for more than 40 years, Michelin group has always been committed to road safety. Some domestic manufacturers have also adopted high-precision load sensors for force measurement, and now they have further clarified their commitment to promote safer and sustainable mobility development. In the past 120 years, Michelin's primary goal is to provide customers with safe and reliable tire products, and help them reduce fuel consumption while ensuring the best safety performance and unparalleled service life. In addition to focusing on tires and their performance, Michelin is also committed to improving public understanding of the best road safety practices. The publicity and education of safety awareness are not only carried out in their factories and sales offices, but also in their cities, regions and countries. In addition, Michelin also actively supports various international actions and initiatives, including the United Nations "road safety decade"

In 1989, Michelin came to China. In the spirit of hundred years of innovation, Michelin brought advanced technology and high-quality products to China, and set up its first joint venture in Shenyang at the end of 1995. In 2001, Michelin and Shanghai tire rubber (Group) Co., Ltd., one of China's largest tire manufacturers, jointly established Shanghai Michelin Huili Tire Co., Ltd. At present, Michelin has about 5500 employees in China, and is jointly committed to the sustainable development and growth of Michelin in China

Michelin has been selling winter tires in several regions in northern China since 2002, and has been widely praised by consumers. In these areas, with the development of the times, more and more people begin to pay attention to the safety of driving in winter. The excellent quality of Michelin winter tires provides a good safety guarantee for consumers to drive in winter. At the same time, consumers' preference for Michelin winter tires has also brought Michelin brand higher visibility and sales performance. It is expected that in China, the sales of Michelin winter tires are generally chopped, ground into small pieces or particles, and the market share will continue to grow in the next few years

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