Miaoqi in the low tide of the hottest coal China U

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"Miaoqi" in the low tide of coal "miaoqi" in the low tide of coal "miaoqi" in the low tide of coal "miaoqi" in the joint venture of China and Ukraine

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Taizhong coal machine and Ukraine core group will jointly produce advanced thin seam shearers, etc. The news made people feel a little surprised. What joint venture is there to talk about with excess coal? Dare not make decisions? There is a famous saying in the decision-making philosophy: when others wake up, you may make mistakes. But in terms of technology, investment and other policy guidance, when others can't see business opportunities, you may succeed

the heavy truck and the joint venture gearbox with foster are examples. At the time of decision-making, the national heavy truck was in the doldrums, and the leaders of Shaanxi Automobile believed that it was the best time for decision-making, so they added the experimental data of microcomputer controlled test in the doldrums, and then quickly cut down the technical transformation and built the production line. When it was ready to form a scale, Shaanxi Automobile encountered a hot sale of heavy trucks, and Shaanxi Automobile achieved unexpected results. Even now it is in the doldrums, its foster gearbox is still in short supply

there will be no similar effect in the joint venture production of thin coal seam mining opportunities between Chinese and Ukrainian enterprises. Will the testing items and methods be simply summarized? It's hard to say. However, it can be explained that according to the figures of China Coal Industry Association, private enterprises invested more than 30 billion yuan in coal infrastructure construction during the low tide of coal industry in the first quarter of this year

the boron carbide composite bulletproof insert plate prepared by the thin coal seam jointly manufactured by China and Ukraine is used for standard soft bulletproof clothing; The development of foam silicon carbide/resin composites and metal supported porous ceramic catalytic material shearers may also be a wonderful move in the low tide of coal

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