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Mickey, the first brand of future children's paint in the motherland, has been working hard

Mickey, the first brand of future children's paint in the motherland, has been working hard

June 24, 2010

[China paint information] in recent years, in major media, newspapers, and even the Internet, it is often heard that many children have increased indoor pollution due to new room decoration, benzene, formaldehyde and other chemicals, making children soak in toxic bedrooms, People need to check these two key points to cause children's bad health. In addition, children's weak immunity will cause "cough", "depression", "leukemia" and so on. How to avoid these phenomena has become a topic of general concern. Especially this year, "green health" has been moved to the global stage and become the primary standard of coatings. The application and development in the field of home decoration is the top priority. Many well-known home decoration enterprises and leading brands in the building materials industry have been reported by the media to vigorously develop and implement the popularization of "green health"

Heshan Mickey paint Co., Ltd., as the first brand of Chinese children's paint, is one of them. Mickey paint has always taken "caring for children's health" as the core concept of the enterprise. Founded in 1999, with its high starting point, large investment, excellent concept and excellent team, the company has rapidly risen in the coating industry due to its R & D and marketing expertise, and has become a well-known coating company in Guangdong, the "hometown of coatings". The Technology Development Department of the company has more than ten senior engineers, all of whom are outstanding in the industry. The professional customer service department has more than thirty technical personnel of all kinds, and has established a perfect customer service mechanism. Because of its perfect management and service, as well as its advanced environmental protection concept, Mickey has obtained a series of authoritative certifications in China: ISO, ISO14001, ten ring logo, 3C certification, environmental protection product certification, etc., won the Chinese famous brand and became the first batch of "ecological clean taste" promotion products

through in-depth investigation, Mickey company has developed professional paint products for children's health based on professional research on children's physiology for many years, and has truly provided professional health assurance for children through a number of national professional tests, innovatively realized the "four in one" all-round air protection for families, and comprehensively reached the air quality of children's rooms, It is the most environmentally friendly technology available in China. Mickey professional children's paint realizes the all-round protection of family air, pollution, clean taste and mold, as if it creates a four fold air protection barrier for children, degrades the harmful substances in the air caused by floor and home decoration, purifies the indoor air, and creates a forest level home environment for children

the first layer of air protection: effectively degrade indoor harmful gases. Using nanotechnology, through a unique formula, lotion with special molecular groups that can adsorb and degrade formaldehyde is selected to effectively degrade indoor harmful gases and realize the purification of home air. The second layer of pollution protection: lotus leaf effect is super pollution resistant and easy to clean. Rich in powerful DT antifouling factor, it is super pollution resistant and stubborn stains can be wiped away. The third layer of odor purification protection: VOC of odor purification technology is not detected. Adopt international advanced "purification technology" to realize the "effective purification" of home air; The undetected VOC is much lower than the national standard, making the indoor air cleaner. The fourth layer of mold protection: mold prevention and bacteriostasis. The use of strong antibacterial methods can more effectively prevent mold growth. It is precisely because of the four advanced environmental protection technologies that Mickey paint can become the first brand of paint for healthy children in China

with the continuous improvement of people's health awareness, the pollution of indoor decoration will not be as serious as that of Class B1 polyurethane per cubic meter in the bidding of Haidian District, Beijing, which has been as low as 1400 yuan ago. But today, there are still many invisible killers there, endangering the health of our children. Therefore, we call on relevant departments to establish laws and policies for our children as soon as possible, so that children's health problems can become truly legal and documented provisions. Let the whole society care about the growth of our next generation. At the same time, we also hope that there will be more and more companies focusing on children's home decoration products such as Mickey paint, which will be better and better

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