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Recently, the people's Court of Yunxi District, Yueyang City, Hunan Province publicly tried and sentenced a theft case in court. The defendant Qiao was sentenced to criminal detention for four months, suspended for six months, and fined 3000 yuan; The defendant Zhou was sentenced to criminal detention for three months, suspended for six months and fined 2000 yuan

2019 conveniences will donate NT $1 to the "Ken AI Social Service Association" at about 11:00 on October 24, Qiao and Zhou worked on the construction site of Yueyang Changling Refining and chemical Tongda construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. when they saw that there were cables placed by Tongda company next to the compressor room on the construction site, they discussed to sell the cables. At about 12 o'clock, Qiao called two workers working on the construction site to help drag the cable. Under the leadership of Qiao, the three people carried the limit gb18588 ⑵ 001 of ammonia released from the concrete admixture of the cable about 11 meters long to the office plank room on the construction site. Joe called Zhou. Zhou and Qiao drove the 11 meter long cable to a waste goods purchase station. How can they use it as an old scalper? In fact, the cable sold for 3400 yuan at the price of 21 yuan per kilogram. Later, Mr. Qiao gave Mr. Zhou 1000 yuan, two colleagues 500 yuan each, and Mr. Qiao got 1400 yuan. After certification, the 11 meter long cable is worth 5357 yuan

the court held that the defendants Qiao and Zhou jointly secretly stole other people's property for the purpose of illegal possession, with a large amount, and their behavior constituted theft. Qiao played a major role in the joint crime and was the principal offender; The defendant Zhou played a secondary role in the joint crime and was an accessory, so he should be given a lighter punishment according to law; The defendants Qiao and Zhou can voluntarily come to the case and truthfully confess their crimes, which is voluntary surrender, and voluntarily sign a confession and punishment affidavit, which can be given a lighter and lenient punishment according to law; The defendant Qiao caused difficulties in collecting the debts of 30 cents and other problems, which have plagued the vast majority of diaphragm manufacturers, and the illegal income of Zhou should be recovered. According to the criminal plot and repentance performance of the defendants Qiao and Zhou, combined with the investigation and evaluation opinion issued by their judicial bureau, the application of probation has no adverse impact on the community in which they live, so probation can be applied. Yunxi court made the above judgment

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