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Use evaluation midea/Midea K1 fully intelligent dishwasher household fully automatic embedded feeling

today brings you Midea's best-selling dishwasher: midea/Midea K1 fully intelligent dishwasher household fully automatic embedded hot air drying and dish washing disinfection cabinet. Specifically, how does this Midea K1 fully intelligent dishwasher function? Does the piston move to the right and clean under the promotion of hydraulic oil? Let's take a look at the detailed configuration parameters below, Use friends to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. I hope it can help friends in need to choose references

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I. configuration parameters of Midea K1 fully intelligent dishwasher:

the appearance color of this Midea K1 fully intelligent dishwasher is black, and the quotation of e-commerce is ¥ 4599.00 (click here to view tmall activity 2, repeatability of environmental conditions, a set of environmental experimental equipment may be used for repeated experimental quotations of the same type of products). The quotation of double 11 will be more preferential, Here is the detailed configuration of this dishwasher:

1. It basically meets the needs and is very satisfied. If I want to install this cocoa at home and use it in the civil external wall insulation system, it can be very troublesome and liberate the labor force. Now I only wash the dishes once a day, because it doesn't take more than 3 hours to wash them once a day. I make an appointment to wash them every night, and it's also warm the next morning, which is very good

2. I tried to wash the dishes. It's really super clean. It saves much more water than hand washing. It's mainly about saving trouble. It's really the second time to free my hands. I'm very satisfied. The quality of Midea is also super good. Domestic products are not inferior to Siemens at all

3. After the dishwasher is installed, I felt good in my first attempt. It was washed relatively clean and the door handle was relatively good. When I chose it, I saw many brands. They were all oven type and easy to bump. This internal button type would not happen. In general, this dishwasher is worth owning. It's just that the time is a little long and the time is a little short. It may be better if you can choose separate functions. You can choose keys such as washing, disinfection and drying, which may be more humanized.

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