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AQSIQ recently said that it would further strengthen the supervision of food production and processing enterprises and take four measures to ensure food quality and safety from the source

the first is classified guidance. Regular work on five types of food production enterprises under these conditions will lead to the destruction of the compactor and comprehensive rectification. The instrument shall be kept clean, the parts and accessories shall be complete, and the relevant safety departments shall publish the list of large and medium-sized enterprises that have passed the spot check of five categories of food quality to the society, so as to achieve the purpose of supporting the excellent and the strong and guiding consumption. At the same time, in accordance with the provisions of the product quality law and other laws and regulations, the enterprises that produce fake and shoddy food found in the spot check will be severely punished

it is reported that according to the relevant WTO agreements and international prevailing rules, China will implement a unified compulsory product certification system for products involving human health and safety, animal and plant life safety and health, environmental protection and public safety. Among them, there are 132 kinds of compulsory certification products listed in the catalogue of the first batch of products subject to compulsory certification

second, we should start with the necessary conditions for enterprises to ensure food quality and safety and the products must pass the inspection before leaving the factory, strictly enforce the market access system, strictly review the necessary conditions for food production and processing enterprises to ensure product quality, and take compulsory inspection and other means to supervise enterprises to strictly implement the product quality law, so as to ensure that unqualified food cannot be sold before leaving the factory

third, further improve the food quality and safety standard system. In order to better protect the health and life safety of the people, relevant departments will further modify and improve the ideal testing equipment for wood-based panel manufacturers and quality inspection departments according to the actual situation. Each material testing of food Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has studied the national standards, such as modifying the requirements for pesticide residues, heavy metal content, food additives and mold content, Establish and improve the food quality and safety standard system and technical regulation system to meet the needs of China's entry into WTO and domestic and international markets

fourth, further strengthen the national supervision and random inspection of food. This year, AQSIQ will select a batch of foods closely related to the daily life of the people, such as meat products, dairy products, beverages, mineral water, tea and other foods, further strengthen national supervision, strive to spot check class I products and rectify an industry

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