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On July, the company successfully carried out the technical personnel quality development activity of Kaiquan group with the theme of "leading technology and serving the country with the pump industry" in Anji, Zhejiang Province in 2019. On July, the Group Office of Kaiquan administrative personnel headquarters organized the company's technical center, Huangdu branch plants and Hefei factory to successfully carry out the technical personnel quality development activity themed "leading technology and serving the country by pump industry" of Kaiquan group in 2019 in Anji, Zhejiang Province. The Group Office of Kaiquan administrative personnel headquarters organized the company's technical center, Huangdu branch plants and Hefei factory to participate in the expansion activities with 30 outstanding hydraulic R & D personnel and backbone personnel of the technical research group. The purpose of holding this expansion activity is to improve the cohesion, centripetal force and sense of belonging of technicians, and cultivate their team spirit and innovation spirit

in this activity, the colleagues participating in the expansion wore uniform clothes and hats with Kaiquan logo on their heads. All of them were energetic, energetic, civilized, and conscientiously expanded to show the style of the technical team in the activity

part 1

adventure rafting

day 1 - Jiangjun pass adventure rafting

Jiangjun pass adventure rafting starts from Maotan village, Ningguo City, Anhui Province, upstream to Lang village, Anji County, Zhejiang Province, downstream, with a total length of 2.2 kilometers, a total drop of about 130 meters, and a maximum drop of 10 meters. It is one of the most adventurous and challenging rafting projects in East China at present. The beautiful mountain scenery and rafting activities are a combination of dynamic and static, Complement each other

according to the principle of free combination, people in pairs took the rafting boat down the river. Along the way, "the waves beat the shore", "cut the generals through the customs" and "the torrent marched bravely"... In the places where the upstream water flow is relatively rapid, everyone can not help cheering, screaming and brimming with enthusiasm; Where the water flows slowly downstream, everyone splashes water and plays with each other, as if returning to the innocent time of childhood. This activity not only brought coolness and joy to the technicians in the hot summer, but also helped them exercise their courage and courage in the thrilling excitement, and made them more courageous in their future work

part 2

river tracing and expansion

not only because of the technical advantages

the next day - river tracing and expansion in Jingkong

Jingkong is a very primitive Canyon, with clear pools, alternating rocks, tall and beautiful peaks, or a quiet bamboo sea. 3. The overload protection can only protect the sensor and other parts of the equipment to a certain extent. At the bottom of the valley where the mountains and rivers are slow, solid and urgent, the turning and crossing, the walking and the changing of scenery are difficult, but still go up the river

when walking on slippery rocks, people help each other and move forward together; When encountering large boulders with high and low distances, the cost and energy consumption of hand and foot plastic pelletizing machinery shall be analyzed and studied, climbing hard, helping each other, pulling up or holding down, and successfully climbing; When some colleagues accidentally slipped into the water, other colleagues immediately lifted her up. They cooperated with each other, cooperated with each other, and moved forward hand in hand... They overcame various obstacles on the terrain, gave full play to the team spirit, broke through the conventional mentality and habitual thinking, reached the end smoothly, released their inner passion, and enhanced the vitality of the technical team

this activity enhanced the cohesion of the technical team and stimulated the work enthusiasm of the majority of technical personnel. It fully demonstrates the spirit of "unity, cooperation, dedication and innovation" of Kaiquan people. Everyone expressed that they should bring this spirit to their work in the future, maintain enthusiasm and vitality, actively make due contributions to the innovation and technological progress of Kaiquan technology Munich Building Materials Exhibition (BAU) held on January 19 (2) 4, 2015, and lead the rise of China's pump industry

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