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Quality inspection of crystal glass mosaics

when buying and selecting crystal glass mosaics of common specifications, do not trust the ones pasted on the display board, nor look at the samples of loose particles, but look at the samples of the whole paste (there are 300*300mm, 315*315mm, 320*320mm, and the specifications of each factory will be different):

first, hold the two ends and shake them to see if there are particles that will fall off, which will increase the difficulty in construction if the paste is not firm

second, check whether the seam in the middle is uniform and whether the line is straight (otherwise the whole area will be distorted after you buy it back). Now, according to the user's feedback, the middle seam is small, which is 1mm. Of course, there are also 1. 5mm, 2. We have previously produced the 0mm seam, which is really large, and the effect of the whole batch of area paving is very poor (generally, the 320*320mm seam of mosaic with 2.5*2.5mm particles should be 2mm, the 300njs change experimental machine *300mm seam should be 1.5mm, and the 315*315mm seam should be 1mm). Of course, except for large mosaic

third, check whether each round corner of the four sides of the crystal glass mosaic is the same, because in the large-time pressure test, the real-time display of the test curve shows that there will be errors in the R degree of the round and straight edges during the batch production process, and the particles are required to be uniform without too much difference

fourth, take a Chinese mosaic and scrape its color with a knife at the back to see if it can be scraped off. If it is cold sprayed or cold printed, 719 industry standard projects established throughout the year can easily be scraped off

fifthly, look at the mosaic surface of the whole paste to see if there is transparent background color. Many manufacturers have such problems in quality. We call it "transparent", that is, we can see the shadow of the grid pasted behind the surface, especially the light color. If so, after the overall mosaic is paved on the wall, there will be a transparent effect, which is very ugly. Some manufacturers explained that the so-called crystal glass mosaic is called "crystal" only when it is transparent. It is the poor quality that makes good reasons

sixthly, the truly beautiful crystal glass mosaic depends on its surface, which is smooth and smooth. At the same time, the emission of color is bright and bright, so it can be called a superior product

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