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Everyone knows that the bathroom is the best place to do dry and wet separation. Do you know how to do it? Come and have a look with me quickly

everyone knows that the bathroom is the best place to do dry and wet separation. Do you know how to do it? Come and have a look with me quickly. 01 the benefits of wet and dry separation in the bathroom

1. High safety. It will not slip due to water splashing on the floor, and some electrical appliances in the bathroom space can also reduce the corrosion of water vapor and reduce the probability of accidents such as electric leakage

2. Improve the efficiency of bathroom. With a separate bathing table, there will be no conflict between going to the bathroom and washing. Especially for people with a large family, such a layout can separate the flow of people. Such a layout is very convenient to use

3. To increase the service life of the equipment, some owners believe that the significance of dry and wet separation lies in avoiding the damage of water vapor to the tiles and floor tiles. In fact, this view is wrong. Only seriously unqualified or aged floor tiles will be alkali returned after long-term immersion in water, and the humid air will play a certain role in maintaining the tiles. The washing machine and wooden cabinet in the bathroom will be really damaged by water vapor. Because the steam will corrode the motor of the washing machine, make it rusty and shorten its service life, the wooden cabinet will be deformed due to moisture

4. If the cabinet of the sanitary and environmental protection wash desk is placed in the bathroom for a long time, the moisture will be relatively high. After a long time, it is likely to be corroded by water vapor, resulting in layers of peeling off of wood. Moreover, if the bathroom cabinet is too wet, it is likely to have cockroaches, spiders and other insects

5. Save cleaning in modern bathroom space design, dry and wet separation design is simple, which is relatively practical. Daily cleaning is also relatively convenient, as long as the dry cabinet is gently wiped with a rag

6. Beautiful, dry and wet separation is specially designed, which is more reasonable and atmospheric in layout and design. Usually, the washing table is placed outside the bathroom, and the bathroom also has glass partitions, so you can set the style according to your preferences when decorating

7. Good warmth retention. Generally, the design of dry and wet partitions can make the water vapor gather in a space, which is just a problem of more or less. This can better avoid the diffusion of hot gas. Compared with the bathroom without dry and wet partitions, the warmth retention is better. 1. High cost. Although dry and wet separation is good, it is not suitable for any house type. To be exact, it is generally only suitable for current new houses and is a relatively large house type. Even though some old houses can be transformed, this project is more troublesome and the cost is quite high

2. Large area. The separation of dry and wet requires a large area. At least the bathroom and the external bathing table can have an area of 8 square meters, otherwise it will be very crowded. Usually, separating the washing table from the toilet will require an additional wall or door. Not only that, we separate the bathing table and the bathroom, which are basically charged separately, plus some decorative parts, That way, the cost will be higher

3. Different habits. Some people may like to wash their hands directly after going to the toilet, but now they have to open the door and go outside to wash their hands. It will be more or less uncomfortable, and some people may not accept it. If you live with your elders, the editor reminds you to consult your elders more. 02 disadvantages of wet and dry separation in toilet




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