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On October 30, 2013, Kangpai paint and other coating enterprises joined hands with the China Disabled Persons' Federation to hold a large-scale public welfare activity of "charity project. Qiming action" in Xingtai Eye Hospital, Hebei Province

in the morning of the same day, kangpaiqi, together with representatives of other Chinese paint brand alliance enterprises, China Disabled Persons' welfare foundation, Hebei disabled persons' Federation, Xingtai disabled persons' Federation, representatives of cataract patients and many enthusiastic citizens, gathered together to participate in the large-scale public welfare activities of "charity project. Qiming action" in Xingtai. Xingtai TV station, Xingtai daily, Tu yingtianxia news, Huicong coating network, coating business information network, coating market news and other news media tracked and reported the whole process of the event

the activity was opened in a warm atmosphere. The representative of China paint brand alliance elaborated the purpose of enterprises to do public welfare activities for the disabled: the development concept of China paint brand alliance enterprises is not only to pursue enterprise profits, but also to participate in social public welfare activities with practical actions and give back to the society with practical actions while the enterprise develops and grows; Supporting and participating in charitable and public welfare undertakings is not only a kind of dedication of enterprises to society, but also a kind of social responsibility of enterprises

China paint brand alliance includes 10 paint enterprises such as Kangpai paint and bards paint. It is reported that after the public welfare activities in Hunan, Guangdong and Yunnan, the public welfare activities of 10 coating enterprises entered Xingtai, which also brought good news to cataract patients in Xingtai

leaders of China Disabled Persons' Federation, Hebei disabled persons' Federation, Xingtai disabled persons' Federation and Xingtai eye hospital made speeches respectively, expressing appreciation and gratitude for the public welfare actions of 10 enterprises of China paint brand alliance

then, Mr. Huang, a cataract rehabilitation patient, told us about his sad experience in the illness stage. He said excitedly that if it were not for the caring enterprises such as China paint brand alliance and the concern of the national government, he would spend more time in the dark. Huang's words represent the aspirations of the majority of cataract patients, which makes the entrepreneurs and the staff of the disabled persons' Federation feel the heavy responsibility on their shoulders, and also strengthens their confidence in continuing to do cataract public welfare

children from Xingtai special school performed poetry recitation and dance to welcome guests from afar. The smiles on their faces made all the people present feel the warmth and power of public welfare

then, the enterprise representatives of China paint brand alliance, led by the staff of the disabled persons' Federation, walked into the ward of Xingtai eye hospital. Under the guidance of the doctor, the enterprise representatives carefully opened the gauze for each patient. The moment the patients opened their eyes, their eyes were full of surprise and excitement. The enterprise representatives were also deeply infected, and they were all filled with a smile of satisfaction and pride. "At the first sight after my recovery, I can see the good people who help me. I want to thank you very much; and pass on my love all the time, and try my best to help the people in need. Thank China paint brand alliance!". A word from the heart of patient song made all the personnel on the scene burst into tears

under the arrangement of the staff of the disabled persons' Federation, representatives of the China paint brand alliance also drove to the countryside near Xingtai to visit three elderly poor patients with cataract who had recovered their eyesight. When everyone walked into their dilapidated yard and brought winter bedding, the old people held the hands of the representatives of the alliance enterprises, and their eyes glittered with tears. Although they didn't say much, they also deeply understood the difficulties of the poor old people. Not long ago, they received cataract surgery funded by China paint brand alliance, and received enthusiastic help from the local government. At present, their living conditions have been greatly improved. As Li Ka Shing said, "rich people are not necessarily" expensive ". What is really valuable is what you have done for society and whether what you have done can benefit the world

as the old man stood outside the door and waved goodbye, at the moment when he did not leave for a long time, Kangpai paint and other coating enterprises' trip to Xingtai, a public welfare activity of "seeing the light again", also came to an end. Through activities, enterprise representatives have personally felt that there are still many poor disabled people in China who need care and help. Everyone said that they would further intensify efforts to repay the society and do their best to make greater contributions to the society

kangpaiqi received a letter of thanks from Mr. Deng Pufang, President of the China Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation

charity project, and Qiming action entered Xingtai

kangpaiqi representatives: manager Liu (fourth from the left) Deputy Secretary of the Party group of Xingtai disabled persons' Federation: Han Zengshen (first from the right)

China Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation: Ms. Wang Yan (first from the left)

alliance representatives expressed condolences to the elderly poor patients with cataract





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