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Moldy wooden doors are a headache, which not only affects the image of the family, but also is not conducive to the long-term use of wooden doors. Then why is the wooden door moldy? How to solve the moldy wooden door

first, the reason why the wooden door is moldy

the reason why the wooden door is moldy is always caused by the high water content, which may be caused by weather or daily indoor activities

there are generally the following five situations:

1. The water trapped when mopping the floor

when we are usually cleaning, we are likely to splash the water on the mop or rag on the wooden door. This careless habit, over time, there will be many small mildew spots on the wooden door

2. Impact of water use in kitchen and bathroom

kitchen and bathroom are often exposed to water, and a large amount of water vapor often stays in the air, which is easily absorbed by wooden doors, so the wooden doors in kitchen and bathroom are more likely to mildew

3. The water vapor generated when the indoor and outdoor cold and hot air meet

especially the sliding door of the window cover or balcony will produce water droplets; When the air conditioner is turned on and the floor is heated, the meeting of cold and hot air between rooms will also produce water vapor, which is the same in the kitchen and living room

4. Moisture produced when the weather turns warm

for example, in continuous rainy seasons, especially the plum rain season in the south, there is generally more water vapor in the home, and even condensation droplets on the walls, glass, wooden doors, which is a major reason for the moldy wooden doors

5. The new house wall itself contains water

therefore, before the wooden door is installed, the door opening must undergo necessary moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment

second, how to deal with the problem of moldy wooden doors


solid wood doors are prone to swelling and mildew due to moisture. Quicklime powder can be placed between the wooden door and the ground! In addition, the door should be waxed regularly, and a layer of wax should be applied to the door with special paste wax every 6-12 months. Before waxing, wipe off the old wax with non alkaline soapy water


you can apply Vaseline with a rag for cleaning, and then wipe it with a clean cloth. Find a small box at home and put lime on it. Install a 5-8 watt tungsten bulb on the wooden door and turn it on at night or in wet times to keep the humidity in the space below 30%


in wet spring and summer with more thunderstorms, when cleaning the solid wood door, you can dip a clean soft cloth in the special cleaning agent for the door and wipe it slightly to remove the dust. This kind of cleaning agent can form a protective film on the outer surface of the solid wood door, which will prevent the water and steam from penetrating into the interior of the wood door to a certain extent

special essential oil

if the moldy condition of solid wood doors is serious, you can first use a clean soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent or door special detergent to eradicate. Then apply a layer of door wax or door specific essential oil on the moldy place, and put a piece of soap or gauze bag filled with dried tea residue in the place with moldy taste, which will help eliminate the moldy taste

there is no need to worry about moisture-proof of wood doors in summer. Tree and living wood doors are made of natural wood. After advanced insect prevention treatment, steam drying and shaping technology, the moisture content of wood is controlled between 8%~12%, which has the excellent characteristics of not easy to crack and deformation, water resistance and corrosion resistance. The wooden door brand is tree life, and the overall home customization is more. We are waiting for you





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