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Although the rise of the whole house customization concept has only been two years, the broad market prospect has attracted countless enterprises to transform and upgrade. The strong growth momentum of the whole house customization market has made the competition extremely fierce. However, this has not stopped the enthusiasm of dealers to join. So, what factors should dealers pay attention to when they join the whole house customized furniture manufacturers? These three points cannot be ignored when inspecting furniture manufacturers! In 2018, customized furniture joined Deville

about production

the primary purpose of dealers visiting the whole house custom furniture manufacturers is to see the production capacity and delivery level of the enterprise. Because many brands in the market boast that they can make full house customization, most of which are not matched by their production capacity and business areas, resulting in the situation of "no single starves, but some single sustains". At the same time, the seriously lagging delivery level is also criticized by the market. Therefore, dealers must judge the manufacturer's production capacity according to the manufacturer's on-site equipment and scale

Deville has two industrial parks with an area of more than 120000 square meters, and is equipped with international top production equipment such as German Haomai flexible production line. Secondly, the design order system customized with Yuanfang software is used in the terminal store to truly connect the production end and the sales end, and the production capacity and delivery level have been at the forefront of the industry

about products

in addition to seeing the model of the enterprise in the exclusive store, dealers generally have their own product exhibition hall when they go to the manufacturer. Take Deville as an example, Deville Industrial Park has nearly a thousand product exhibition halls, covering European, Chinese, French, modern, Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and other styles of products. The perfect product line and perfect exhibition hall enable dealers to feel the quality of enterprise products and sophisticated design technology from a close distance

about management

in the location of the manufacturer, the dealer can also judge whether the management of the enterprise is in place according to the details of the plant, such as whether the door of the industrial park is eye-catching, whether the plant is in place according to the 5S principle, etc. Every detail can reflect the management concept and implementation of an enterprise

dealers do not visit the customized furniture manufacturers of the whole house casually, but observe carefully to make appropriate choices

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