Four key words of the overall wardrobe

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The four key words of the overall wardrobe

environmental protection

environmental protection has increasingly become the focus of attention in household consumption, and wardrobe consumption is no exception. Many consumers report that they always feel itchy when they sleep at night when they just move into a new house, and the whole family has this symptom. The relevant indoor environmental monitoring institutions found that this was due to the excessive formaldehyde in furniture products such as wardrobes


the consumption of household products such as wardrobe is gradually changing from function consumption to taste consumption, so people pay more and more attention to the design appearance and cultural taste of wardrobe


the overall wardrobe industry, which is mainly customized, is gradually maturing, and the overall wardrobe is also transitioning from a single wardrobe bookcase to a multi-functional product


the functional quality and service life of the overall wardrobe are closely related to the material accessories and processing technology used by the wardrobe itself. For example, the key to the selection of plates is to see their own load-bearing capacity. The quality of hardware accessories such as the top and bottom wheels of the door panel is directly related to the service life of the wardrobe. Whether the edge banding is smooth and delicate, and whether the adhesion is strong enough are directly related to the use effect of the wardrobe





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