Mobile phone door lock is a necessary artifact for

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Choose "German dog" as the door lock of mobile phone, which is an essential artifact for a happy family

I came from science and engineering and have a high IQ. I love high technology and like to challenge computer games. People give me a good name

after working hard in this metropolis for ten years, I finally become a small head and manage dozens of people. My wife can get in the kitchen and out of the hall. I didn't boast about the person who chased her in those days, that is, I was strong and endured until the end. We have a clever and clever son, who is just in grade two this year

we are a happy family! However, we often worry about some small things -

my wife is a beautiful prawn

I get off work late, my wife is blocked on the road again, and my son always eats "shut the door" when he comes back from school

no, my wife went back to her mother's house with her children. I

in fact, my wife told me many times,

"I heard that the German dog mobile phone door lock is on the market!

the mobile phone control is safer,

a variety of door opening methods are more convenient.

the most important thing is that

children no longer need to squat at the door,

waiting for us who haven't arrived home yet!

buy one and install it!"

and I always forget ···

seeing these, I can fully imagine now

for those who have installed the German dog mobile phone lock,

the mood at the moment should be

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

alas, my wife came home and saw this broken door,

I must kneel down Durian again

I'd better change the door lock of German dog's mobile phone before my wife comes back

unfortunately, I forgot my phone number again




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