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Nowadays, in Wuhan decoration market, almost all decoration companies claim that they can provide home decoration design services for consumers, but the forms of services provided by different decoration companies are very different, making consumers often have no choice. At the same time, in order to attract business, many home decoration companies have launched various "free" flags such as "free design" and "free quotation", taking "free design" as a marketing "gimmick". Then, can a unified standard be formed for charging design fees? How much is the most appropriate design fee

home decoration design fee "standard" custom

"I don't know if I don't ask. The price difference of design fees of different decoration companies should be so large!" Ms. Liu, who lives in Hankou, is preparing to decorate her new house recently, so she found a brand decoration company and a small decoration company to make inquiries respectively, but the design fee standard surprised her. Ms. Liu said that the brand home decoration company she inquired about provided special designers for it, and the house design fee alone reached more than 6000 yuan, while the small home decoration company issued the slogan of "free design", and the decoration design fee was free, which made her feel a little confused, "should home decoration design be charged? Is there a standard for charging?"

according to the introduction, most home decoration companies have a set of standards for designers' rating and setting design fees, which are formulated by each home decoration company according to the design needs and acceptance of consumers. At the same time, the annual measurement of design level, the total annual performance and service level assessment are important reference factors for many home decoration companies to rate designers, which can represent the design level of designers to a certain extent. Recommended reading: is the "free design" of Wuhan decoration company a pie or a trap

there is a big difference between "paid design" and "free design"

according to the understanding of Xiaobian, according to the paid design process of some Wuhan decoration companies, after consumers pay the design fee, the decoration companies will provide relevant design drawings in about 10 days. On the contrary, decoration companies with "free design" services generally do not provide design drawings, or only provide the original building plan with room measurement data. At the same time, Designers who provide free services often quit after the construction starts. Consumers can only communicate with the workers in charge of decoration directly about the design changes. In addition to being required by the company to appear on the construction site regularly, designers who charge will also assist in the purchase of building materials, furniture and other late accessories Services at the request of consumers

most of the "design schemes" designed for free are copied online

it is understood that some home decoration companies under the banner of free design usually provide consumers with design schemes that are not "customized", but after rough house measurement, copy the ready-made design drawings similar to the owner's house type from the Internet. The construction drawings often only include the original building plan, decoration design plan and circuit diagram, And these free design schemes can only be taken away after the owner signs the decoration contract

in this regard, Mr. Luo, who is engaged in furniture sales, told reporters that many home decoration companies have to rely on "kickbacks" to increase their income in order to attract customers to waive design fees. Mr. Luo said that some "free" designers usually take decoration owners to his store to buy furniture and ask him for kickbacks, "These designers don't focus on designing houses for owners. Now they look more like buyers."

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