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The external hanging window is a new way developed on the basis of the casement window. It can be opened in two ways, either horizontally or from the top. Windows can make the indoor ventilation effect good, maintain the fresh air and effectively block the rain outside

the outward opening of the upper hanging window is operated through the handle on the operating window, and the hardware is linked to operate, so that the window sash can be opened outward. The outward hung window can be presented in three states. Generally speaking, when it is tightly closed, the handle is vertically downward; When opening horizontally, the degree of holding; When hanging up, keep your hands up

as opening from the upper side is another way to open the hanging window, it makes the room naturally circulate with the air of nature, and the indoor air is fresh. At the same time, it sweeps away the possibility of rainwater entering the room. The fresh air undoubtedly creates a warm living environment for people

opening hanging windows outside can sensitively connect indoor and outdoor spaces. After opening, the wind is separated by the window itself from the top to the left and right, which effectively relieves the strength of the cold wind when it blows in, while ensuring ventilation, which is more conducive to people's well-being

the external upper hung window has strong applicability. Opening the hanging window outside prevents the window from occupying indoor space when it is opened, making it inconvenient to hang curtains and install lifting clothes hanging rods. Due to the hinge, the window can only be opened partially and cannot be reached from the outside, which is especially suitable for use when there is no one at home

the external upper hung window is adopted. Due to the multi lock point design, the external upper hung window has strong sealing performance, and the sound insulation and heat preservation effect of the window itself are improved. The linkage hardware separation handle arranged around the window sash stops operating indoors, and the periphery of the window sash is fixed on the window frame when it is closed, so it has good safety and anti-theft

install a beautiful choice at home and open a hanging window

on a sunny day, open the window to breathe the fresh air; On rainy days, let the window leak a gap to prevent rain from coming in. And create a warm home life





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