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To integrate resources, keep improving, care for customers, and develop win-win results, Xingui mansion sincerely invites you to join us as an integrated home partner. If you are still confused about looking for business opportunities, then hurry to choose Xingui mansion

Shenzhen Xingui residence Furniture Co., Ltd. is a modern woodworking enterprise committed to the production and sales of high-end European furniture. Since the establishment of the brand, it has been adhering to the design concept of "advocating luxury taste" and the business concept of "integrating resources, striving for excellence, caring for customers, and developing win-win". It also adheres to the overall planning of enterprise marketing, organization, environmental system, resource sharing, and gradually develops into a new luxury brand in central Zhejiang

since its development, Xingui mansion has focused on the creation and dissemination of enterprise happiness, practiced the social responsibility and values of "giving back to the society with great love and inheriting eternity with classics", and provided consumers with a world-renowned work of luxury taste and high-end taste with advanced production equipment and technology

as a highly professional high-end whole wood customization enterprise, Xingui mansion is mainly engaged in log cabinets, log wall panels, ceilings, wine cellars, and high-end whole wood home customization series

Xingui residence has a professional design and installation team and strong R & D and production capacity. More than ten years of experience in the whole wood customization industry. Now, we invite partners from all walks of life

partner requirements:

1, with a high-end customer base

2, with a business team

3, strong economic strength

elites in the building materials and decoration industry who meet the above conditions can become the "whole wood home partner" of Xingui residence

for details, please contact the partnership hotline:

Southwest Manager: manager Zhou 18948326292 18682190449

southeast Manager: Manager Xiang 18902432979 15220176949

North Manager: manager Zhao 18926458250 13510226211

or visit Xingui mansion to discuss details in person. At 15:00 on July 11, the global live wechat conference of "whole wood home partners" of Xingui residence. The whole wood home o2o is fully dressed and set sail, looking forward to your arrival




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