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Pharmaceutical products 4 One set of standard cupping experiment mold: theoretical packaging of health products and its deepening (Part I)

I. what is the theoretical packaging of medicine and health products

"do not sell steak, but sell the sizzling sound of Steak"; The view of "no drugs, only hope" states that the real attraction of advertising and products to consumers is their interests, that is, certain benefits, certain associations, certain cultures and certain arts. In today's fierce market competition, the argument that "advertising is a product" has some ruggedness and obsolescence of the power school. Because under the premise that all entrepreneurs know the role of advertising, the comparison of advertising volume has overwhelmed many enterprises. Rational entrepreneurs begin to think about advertising strategy and marketing strategy at a new and deep level. The so-called technical school of marketing also arises from this. Their thinking is that a concept is more important than a product. As Reston said, "throughout the United States, a concept or idea is a new currency.". We believe that medical and health care products without theoretical packaging are naked instinctive propaganda and will not or will be difficult to produce money. Product theoretical packaging strategy is a new law for the successful marketing of pharmaceutical products and health care products. He used a power to turn corruption into magic, so that a common homogeneous product or an old product with no obvious difference would be widely known with a new theoretical concept in a short time. In China's pharmaceutical and health care products market, morpholine has successfully applied this law. He replaced the aging concept of indigestion with the theory of "gastric motility" and made a great breakthrough in marketing. The giant "brain gold" proposed that the photoelectric induction of DHA is one of the more advanced technical concepts, which has poured an international holy water into the health care product market. It has quickly distanced itself from the conventional brain tonic products, showing a strong epochal and high-tech nature. If it were not for the "brain gold" war that broke out in the Chinese market, we also firmly believe that the giant "brain gold" would not lose so quickly, because the theory he put forward is indeed attractive to the target consumers and their buyers. Later, the "brain platinum" product was popular again throughout the country, which also profoundly confirmed this point

theory is the forerunner of practice. Without an effective theory, any revolution is difficult to succeed, and so is the marketing of products. The so-called theory refers to a concept that originates from social life and is higher than social life. He accurately extracted and summarized the phenomena of social life, put forward a goal that most people support and yearn for, and produced a strong attraction, cohesion and appeal. In the history of China, the "equalizing the rich and the poor" and "taking economic construction as the center" all belong to the theoretical forerunner of a specific period. So, for pharmaceutical products, what is the so-called theoretical packaging

the so-called theoretical packaging of pharmaceutical products and health care products is an advanced, effective, scientific and attractive medical principle interpretation of the product on the basis of conforming to the actual efficacy and function of the product, giving the product a theoretical positioning and giving it a new concept that is concise and can highlight the characteristics of the product

II. Role and significance of theoretical packaging of medicine and health care products

theoretical packaging of pharmaceutical products is an important factor in product planning and creativity. Why do you say that? Because pharmaceutical products are highly exclusive scientific and technological products. The efficacy of the product is almost all of its value and late benefits. However, if the efficacy of the product is deliberately highlighted in the publicity, it is not only not allowed by law, but also too lack of creativity, differentiation and sociality for the implementation of the "environmental friendly biodegradable express bag" project. Therefore, how to package the value and benefits of pharmaceutical products with breakthrough significance determines the market life of products to a certain extent. In the process of packaging the value of pharmaceutical products, it is undoubtedly of decisive significance to publicize them with the latest theories of medicine and life sciences

that is to say, the value and benefits of pharmaceutical products are first medical and then social. To a certain extent, the former determines the latter. We must have a deep understanding of this

as for the theory of how we use sophisticated advertising language to tell the product, it belongs to another level of pharmaceutical product planning. Here, taking traditional Chinese medicine products as an example, let's talk about what traditional Chinese medicine products without theoretical packaging are

as for traditional Chinese medicine, we are well aware of the length of its history. The length of this history is half joy and half sorrow for traditional Chinese medicine. Fortunately, after thousands of years of medical practice, it has proved that it has irreplaceable effects, especially in the treatment of chronic diseases and difficult and miscellaneous diseases. From the aspect of worry, the longer the history is precipitated, the deeper the crisis will be. The simple continuation and repetition of the past is an important reason why traditional Chinese medicine has been wandering in the trough for a long time. The image of "slow doctor" is getting farther and farther away from the modern fast-paced life. At the same time, as far as the functions of traditional Chinese medicine are concerned, some are not eight strands of eight strands. What can regulate the spleen and stomach, replenish qi and nourish blood, and generally have no pain, so that consumers who do not know the principles of traditional Chinese medicine can hardly judge the differences between traditional Chinese medicine products from the function, giving people a feeling that they do not know the nature, let alone the reason

from this point of view, traditional Chinese medicine products without theoretical packaging are not only instinctive naked publicity and simple function publicity, but also can not surpass their rivals and have a modern color. Therefore, we believe that the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine must include the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine theory. It determines the grade, value and market vitality of traditional Chinese medicine products

as far as human consumption habits are concerned, they are novelty driven to varying degrees. This new consumer psychology is the hotbed of new theories and concepts of pharmaceutical products. If our new theory can be consistent with consumers' search and demand, then the two sides will form the most effective fit in terms of demand and supply, so as to complete the leap in product sales. For example, pharmacoeconomics was a subject that began to be studied abroad in the 1980s. Its original intention is to determine which drugs are the most effective and cost-effective for a certain disease through economic evaluation of the cost of drugs and drug combinations. Obviously, this is a behavior that consumers do not understand but like very much. So, if we adopt reverse thinking and apply it to the theoretical packaging and planning of pharmaceutical products, what kind of realm will it be

now, we can further pierce this layer of window paper and further publicize its role and significance from the perspective of the relationship between product theoretical packaging and concept. Its basic laws and propositions are:

consumers pay attention to, like and accept new products that belong to the first concept or have different concepts, so operators must theoretically package products and establish product theories and product concepts that can fully express product characteristics, interests or commitments

let us ask an interesting question about our own memory, so as to reveal the special role and value of product theory or product concept

what is the name of China's first man to launch the earth satellite into a crack? What about the second one

who was the first Chinese female athlete to climb Mount Everest? What about the second one

who was the first Chinese athlete to win the Olympic gold medal? What about the second one

although the above questions were asked ten or even decades ago, most people can answer the first one, but they can hardly answer the second one. Because the first concept is so deeply rooted and unshakable. If it is regarded as product publicity, how much money should be spent to achieve such an unforgettable effect? This is the power of the concept. To be more precise, this is the power of the concept first established. American trout defined it as "the law of concept leadership"

put the importance of concept leadership on the product, and we can also appreciate its wonderful effects. Now, we fill three transparent glasses without any marks with mineral water, and tell you clearly:

one is robust purified water filtered through 27 layers

one is farmer spring which is a little sweet

and one is Wahaha which is unforgettable

excuse me: can you drink the water in which cup is robust purified water? You can't drink it, but you remember the product concept they promote. In other words, you believe that these products really have the kind of "potential value" advertised

the knowledge of psychology and behavior tells us that the first signal that enters the human brain lasts the longest in the brain. And people are more willing to remember or believe that the thing with the first attribute is the best, and they deliberately ignore or forget its negative. For example, why should the second child be spoiled among the three children? Because he is not the first. Although the third was born later than the second, he is the youngest. He is the first, and is still favored

people's psychology is so strange and complex that if you don't adapt to it, you will run into a wall

after we demonstrated the value and efficacy of the concept from many aspects, you may have accepted that the theoretical packaging and the establishment of the concept are so important, but you may still be skeptical. Well, whatever the problem is, let's argue from the opposite side. If you violate these laws, you will pay a price

Hertz is the most famous taxi company in the United States, and it is "No. 1" in the eyes of the American public. Avis taxi company, as a latecomer, has been chasing Hutz. However, it prematurely publicized a wrong marketing concept to consumers: providing the best car rental service. Consumers are very confused. The best company is hertz. How can Avis provide the best service? People don't buy it. Therefore, after discussion, Avis put forward a new concept that is practical but different: Avis ranks second in the taxi industry. Why rent our car? Because we are trying to catch up

Avis has suffered operating losses for 13 consecutive years. When it put forward the concept that it ranks second in the market, it began to make profits, and it was a big profit! Shortly thereafter, Avis was sold to at & T. After the company took over, it immediately put forward a new marketing slogan: Avis will become the first

however, the user didn't accept it and asked Hertz who was the first. The result is self-evident. This marketing concept has turned the operation of Hertz company into a disaster again

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