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Global plastics industry restructures DuPont's business focus shifts

global chemical companies continue to change their business trajectory, which is affecting the plastic supply situation

like most major manufacturers, DuPont also shifted its business focus from general chemicals to special chemicals. There have been many major adjustments in the plastic industry: for example, Dow stripped styrene plastic business, DSM decided to sell several major product lines a few years ago, and Ge sold its plastic business to Saudi Basic Industries

last week, DuPont said it would transform to a high growth and high value company. The board of directors of the company has authorized to completely separate its high-performance chemicals business, including titanium dioxide technology division and Applied Chemistry and fluorine products division

in 2004, DuPont sold its textile fiber business to Koch industrial group. Koch took over and established INVISTA, which has become the main force in the global nylon business. Coincidentally, skcapi fatigue test, a private investment company, is widely used in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction and other industries. After tal partners acquired the nylon business unit of shounuo, it established aoshengde high performance materials. The practical bandwidth of its analog input disposal circuit only needs 0.25hz. Aoshengde has now developed into a leading enterprise of nylon 66

meanwhile, DuPont has been acquiring companies that conform to its strategic direction, such as Danisco, a supplier leading the global probiotic industry. Different from GE, DuPont seems to prefer the engineering plastics business and will remain the industry leader in nylon, polyester and elastomer

DuPont hopes to make full use of its comprehensive capabilities in life science, chemistry and materials science to achieve a goal: more than half of its plastic business will use recycled raw materials within 15 years. Lewis Manning, vice president of DuPont technology, said that the cost of renewable raw materials is at least equal to that of fossil fuels, and may be much lower than that of fossil fuels in the future, depending on the price trend of fossil fuels in the future

Ellen Kullman, CEO of DuPont, said: the strategic focus is to establish our leadership in the field of industrial biotechnology and achieve innovation and transformation in the field of biofuels and biomaterials. By leveraging our world-class capabilities and key enabling technologies, we will achieve these goals

DSM is also using high technology to upgrade its high-performance plastics business

at the same time, due to the arrival of shale gas revolution, the general plastics business in the United States, especially olefins, has not improved

greatly improved reliability

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