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Attention should be paid to the maintenance of automobile airbag. Pay attention to the validity period. Few people pay attention to automobile airbag, and even many models reduce the number of airbag to reduce costs. However, at the critical moment of an accident, airbag will directly affect the life safety of drivers and passengers. It was previously revealed that Japan recalled tens of millions of vehicles with hidden airbag hazards worldwide, including 7.8 million vehicles in the U.S. market. It is not only the quality problem of the airbag itself, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the airbag during normal use, so that the experimental results can be analyzed at the critical moment; Enough to save your life

automobile airbag consists of a folded airbag bag, gas generator, igniter and control system. Determine whether the airbag needs to be detonated by several groups of sensors installed in the front of the vehicle. When the vehicle is strongly impacted, the control unit of the airbag will immediately ignite the ignition medium, and the flame will ignite the ignition powder and gas generator to produce a large amount of gas. The airbag will be inflated within 0.03s to expand the airbag to protect the fatal key parts of the driver and passengers

the airbag is valid for up to years. During normal driving, as long as the SRS (airbag) indicator on the instrument panel indicates that the test results can be saved by itself, it means that the airbag is in normal working state, but this does not mean that the airbag does not need daily maintenance

the following points should be achieved during daily use:

1 When washing the car, do not directly flush the airbag position with water to prevent the airbag from being affected by moisture. If the airbag is affected by moisture, it is likely that it will not pop up normally after an accident or the air pressure is not enough to play a protective role

2. At any time, do not strike or hit the position where the airbag is located to avoid the airbag misoperation. Airbag is a double-edged sword, but also has its unsafe side. It is reported that the speed of airbag ejection is as high as 300km/h, and the resulting impact force is about 180kg, which is difficult for the head, neck and other vulnerable parts of the human body to bear

3. For the above reasons, the driver should first fasten the safety belt when driving to ensure the correct position of the body when the airbag acts. In addition, the driver should not lean forward when driving, and the sitting position should be close to the seat. The back seat should be adjusted to a comfortable position, but it should not be too far back. In this way, there will be enough space for the airbag to give full play to its protective effect. In addition, children should not be allowed to ride in the co driver's position, Because the airbag can not protect children even if it pops off, the child should be placed on the rear seat with a safety seat

4. Take a medium-sized vehicle as an example, the vehicle is generally equipped with 6 airbags, which are respectively located in the driver's steering wheel, the co driver's dashboard and the inside of the 4 doors to protect the safety of the people on board in front and side impact. When the vehicle is strongly impacted, the airbag will pop up at a very high speed. Therefore, do not place objects on the steering wheel and on the airbag cover, which will not only hinder the normal popping of the airbag, but also throw the objects on it at a high speed, impacting the personnel or objects in the vehicle, causing great potential safety hazards

will cause great changes in experimental force

5 The "airbag fault light" on the instrument panel can display whether there is a fault in the electrical system of the airbag. During the self-test of the vehicle, the airbag indicator light will briefly light up for 6S, and then go out. If the indicator light is never on, and is always on and flashing when driving, it indicates that the airbag has a fault and needs to be detected, maintained or replaced

6. Each airbag can only be used once. Once it is detonated, it will lose its protection ability and cannot be plugged back for further use. It must be replaced with a new airbag. After the update is completed, start the vehicle and observe the status of the airbag indicator to ensure that its airbag is in normal working status


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