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Pay attention to the content strategy when promoting the station (5)

v. the content strategy to improve the user registration volume

to increase the user registration volume, we must first find out under what circumstances the user will register

1. Resources. For scarce and hard to find resources, most people can not help temptation

2. Sense of belonging. If a forum has a good atmosphere and fun, and can let users find a sense of emotional belonging, it will also urge them to register

3. Resonance. The views of users in the forum are very original or sharp. It is a very reliable way to reduce the weight of the car. The following points are for reference: user resonance. Then they will probably register for a few bricks

4. Niu Ren. The charm of idols is infinite. Therefore, each forum should create its own heroes and attract influential users

if you want to increase the registration of the forum, you should optimize and adjust the site and content around the above four points. Here is the simplest way to tell you: find some popular resources in the industry, such as guest directories and media resources, and then set them to reply before downloading, or pay forum gold coins to download. The effect is quite good


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