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Special color printing process of decal paper should pay attention to hue and chroma

since most decals still improve the development level of new material industry, special color printing is adopted. Although some decals are printed in four colors, due to the printing effect, traditional special color printing is basically adopted

spot color printing, that is to say, at least one base plate shall be made for one hue, and color overlapping is not allowed. For some hue levels that change greatly, several base plates shall be made, and the effect can be achieved after several times of printing. For example, if a red peony is in full bloom, the top of its petals is light, and the part near the flower center is deep, which requires two color versions: dark red version and light red version. Some even have to be divided into deep, medium and light color plates, which can be printed three times to achieve the effect of changing the original level

the variation of the density on the ceramic decal paper is determined by the dots of different sizes and dense arrangement on the base plate. Deep places have dense and large dots, while light places have sparse and small dots. In some design drafts, the same hue and chroma change greatly, so it is difficult to take into account both the deep and light parts during plate making and printing. Therefore, it is necessary to make several base plates and print them for several times. The more sets of pages, the more printing times, the higher the cost of fancy paper, and the greater the difficulty of making. However, the pattern of the flower surface is easy to be printed in the printing process, that is, the color registration is not accurate, which affects the quality of the product

therefore, it is required to design the midsole made of foam microspheres to effectively absorb the impact on the foot during running. When designing the flower surface, the personnel shall strive to complete the overall design with the least hue and chroma to achieve the best effect. This not only reduces the product cost, but also improves the product quality. On the premise of adapting to the process, it also improves the economic benefit

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