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Attention should be paid to the daily maintenance of diesel engines

diesel engines have the advantages of large torque and good economic performance. The working process of diesel engine is similar to that of gasoline engine. Each working cycle also experiences four strokes: intake, compression, work and exhaust. However, as the fuel used in diesel engine is diesel, its viscosity is greater than that of gasoline, so it is not easy to evaporate, and its spontaneous combustion temperature is lower than that of gasoline. Therefore, the formation and ignition mode of combustible mixture are different from that of gasoline engine. The main difference is that the mixture in the cylinder of diesel engine is compression ignition rather than ignition. When the diesel engine is working, air enters the cylinder. When the air in the cylinder is compressed to the end point, the temperature can reach 500-700 ℃, and the pressure can reach 40-50 atmospheres. Some wardrobes have poor bearing capacity, and the plates are easy to bend and collapse. When the piston approaches TDC, the fuel injection nozzle of the oil supply system injects fuel into the cylinder combustion chamber in a very short time with extremely high pressure. The diesel oil forms fine oil particles, which are mixed with high-pressure and high-temperature air. The combustible mixture burns by itself, expands violently to produce explosive force, and pushes the piston downward to work. At this time, the temperature can reach ℃, the pressure can reach atmospheres, and the torque generated is very large, So diesel engine is widely used in large diesel equipment

pay attention to maintenance when using the diesel engine to prolong its service life:

1. To prolong the service life of the diesel engine, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the air filter, lubricating oil filter and fuel filter in the process of use and give full play to their role

2. During the installation of the air filter, do not omit to install, reverse or install the sealing gaskets and rubber connecting pipes by mistake, and ensure the tightness of the embedded parts. The paper dust collecting cup air filter used shall be cleaned once every working hour, and the surface dust can be brushed off with a soft brush. If the working time exceeds 500 hours or it is damaged, it shall be replaced in time. Use the oil bath air filter. Clean the filter element with clean diesel oil every working hour and replace the lubricating oil in it. If the filter element is broken, it needs to be replaced immediately. Pay attention to adding lubricating oil as required during use

3. If the lubricating oil filter is not maintained in time during the grinding process of the diesel engine, the filter element will be blocked, the lubricating oil pressure will increase, the safety valve will be opened, and the lubricating oil will directly flow into the main oil passage, which will aggravate the wear of the lubricating surface and affect the service life of the diesel engine. Therefore, the lubricating oil filter shall be cleaned once every working hour. In case of damage, it shall be replaced immediately to prevent impurities from entering the lubricating surface. When the diesel engine is used in different seasons, the crankcase and all lubricating surfaces shall also be cleaned. The method is to use lubricating oil, kerosene and diesel oil as washing oil. After the lubricating oil is discharged, the washing oil can be added for cleaning. Then, the diesel engine runs at low speed for minutes, and then the washing oil can be drained and new lubricating oil can be added

4. All kinds of fuel filters in the fuel supply system shall be cleaned of sundries once every working hour, and the oil tank and all oil pipelines shall be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning the filter element and sealing element, it shall be particularly careful. In case of damage, it shall be replaced in time. During seasonal oil change, all parts of the whole fuel supply system shall be cleaned. The diesel oil used shall meet the seasonal requirements and shall be subject to 48 hours of precipitation and purification treatment


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