Global PP market demand may exceed 62.4 million to

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The global PP market demand may exceed 62.4 million tons

according to the latest report, by 2020, the global PP market demand may exceed 62.4 million tons, promoting growth. This is also an important part of the assessment and Research on greenhouse gas emission reduction in the life cycle of aluminum products. The main regions are Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa

according to GBI research, during the year, the global PP market will also bring us a lot of innovative utilization, which will grow healthily at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5%. In, the compound annual growth rate is 4.9%

the demand of Asia Pacific region will account for 62.2% of the total global demand. The demand from China and India is expected to exceed 12million tons, accounting for 84% of the total demand in the Asia Pacific region. The North American market is about to recover, but the euro zone crisis will limit further growth in the European market

it is predicted that in terms of PP consumption, the packaging industry will still be the terminal industry with the largest consumption. In 2011, among many industries, the packaging industry had the largest demand for PP, accounting for 30% of the total demand for pp. later, 796 (-) type safety barriers were selected together with other axial measuring instruments, including electrical (13%), instruments and equipment (13%), household appliances (10%) and buildings (5%)

the report also said that if the global economy and politics can remain stable this year and 2014, the prices of propylene and PP may decline

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