Global plastic pallet production base settled in M

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The global plastic pallet production base is located in Maoming recently, Swiss Ppal company, the world's largest manufacturer of 20 ~ 100hrb industrial plastic pallets, formally signed a land use agreement and a high-density polyethylene product supply agreement with Maoming Petrochemical Industrial Zone and Sinopec Maoming Branch to accelerate the preparation of an industrial plan with a total investment of 300million euros and an annual output of 60million industrial plastic pallets. This is the largest multinational company to invest in Maoming

this is the first project invested by the company in China. The initial investment of the project is 300million yuan. It is expected to start construction in March next year and put into operation in August. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will become the company's main production (2) vernier caliper base, which will play a very important role in promoting Maoming's industrial positioning and economic development

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