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Anhui Heji plans to build a straw pulp project with an annual output of 600000 tons by using the "micro hydrolysis straw clean pulping technology" release date: Source: China Paper Association

the macro-economy fluctuates and the industry development has a cycle, which is an objective law. In order to achieve sustainable development, enterprises must establish the ability to cross the cycle. This year, affected by the COVID-19, the waste paper import policy, Sino US trade frictions and other multiple factors, the benefits of the paper industry have decreased and difficulties have increased. The role of scientific and technological innovation and technological progress has become more prominent

recently, we visited Anhui Heji recycling Park Co., Ltd. (formerly Anhui Lingbi Dongfeng Paper Co., Ltd.) which has attracted much attention from the packaging paper industry due to scientific and technological innovation. Relying on the self-developed non chemical drug "micro hydrolyzed straw clean pulping technology", they have made steady development in the past two years. In 2020, they have completed the comprehensive utilization project of new clean straw fiber with an annual output of 100000 tons, basically realizing self-sufficiency in papermaking raw materials. Through scientific and technological innovation, Anhui Heji has broken through the technical bottleneck, so as to realize the large-scale replacement of waste paper fiber by straw fiber, and has turned from straw fiber as paper-making filler to paper-making raw material with a large proportion

Anhui Heji is located in the north of Anhui, the hinterland of economic development in the Yangtze River Delta, with obvious location and transportation advantages and rich land and labor resources. According to the information provided by the agricultural department, only Lingbi County, where the Anhui Heji project is located, can collect 1.9 million tons of straw each year, including about 980000 tons of wheat straw. In order to solve the problem of straw collection and storage and support the green industry to become bigger and stronger, the local government has invested to build nearly 50 standardized straw collection and storage sites, and set up Lingbi circular economy industrial park relying on Anhui Heji Circular Economy Park Co., Ltd. and Anhui Lingbi Dongfeng Paper Co., Ltd. the park takes the development of circular economy as the main line, establishes and improves the support system for straw collection, storage and transportation, the green research and development system for straw pulping and papermaking, and the policy support system, Create a straw pulping and papermaking green recycling industry demonstration zone closely connected with the upstream and downstream, and the park covers an area of about 1.02 square kilometers

at the same time, the national development and Reform Commission issued the fgdz [2020] No. 1499 document on September 24, 2020, which pointed out that Northern Anhui would undertake the industrial transfer from economically developed regions such as Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, build industrial transfer clusters around large-scale industrial transfer, and provide three major 24 policy support measures at the national level. This move is undoubtedly to build Northern Anhui into a special economic zone in the hinterland of the growth triangle economic belt

focusing on favorable policies and regional raw material advantages, Anhui Heji plans to build a straw pulping project with an annual output of 600000 tons in Northern Anhui, and build relevant supporting facilities. At the same time, it plans to increase the production capacity of packaging paper and household paper. At this stage, it has completed the project scientific research, and will start the follow-up work in the near future

under the current policy background, the solid waste prohibition order and the plastic prohibition order have been implemented successively, and the environmental fiber and paper industry will usher in a new round of rising sun. Scientific and technological innovation this method requires equipment with higher prices. Technological progress is a necessary ability to achieve sustainable development of enterprises and cross the industry development cycle from a swing angle. Relying on scientific and technological innovation and technological progress to build the future environment-friendly pulp and paper industry will eventually replace the traditional paper-making mode, and will eventually discard the hat of "three high and one low" while greatly improving the quality. Anhui Heji is committed to the goal of "made in China 2025" for the paper industry, with "agriculture as the foundation, high-tech development, green recycling and industry serving the country"

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